CCTV Viewing & recording

Curb unsafe driving. Reduce insurance claims.


Enjoy compatibility with state-of-the-art video devices provided by our industry-leading hardware partners.


Get the most from the footage with event-driven video, single or dual camera replay, text overlays and full HD quality video.


Full event analysis supporting better driver behaviour, fewer accidents and reduced insurance claims.


With thousands of accidents costing commercial fleet owners millions each year, driver behaviour, coaching and training tools are essential in today’s fleet management environment. In addition to traditional fleet data, vehicle cameras have become an essential tool in helping fleet owners better manage their fleets, and are fast becoming mandated hardware. Video data is used to coach drivers and encourage safer driving habits. It also provides crucial evidence in the subrogation of insurance claims. LamTrack now proudly offers integrated video event management as yet another tool in the arsenal for fleet owners to successfully manage their fleets, drivers and costs.


  • Driver coaching
    The combination of video, vehicle and driver behaviour information provides fleet managers with all the tools needed to better coach drivers, thus curbing unsafe driving behaviour.
  • Visual event analysis
    Videos provide visual evidence of events leading up to, during and post an event. Specific event alerts generated provide fleet managers with the relevant videos. This saves time on investigations, and simplifies the process of event reconstruction.
  • Insurance
    Visual evidence generated from cameras can benefit both the driver and the fleet owner. False insurance claims against drivers can easily be disputed, and better driver training leads to fewer accidents and therefore fewer insurance claims.

The Solution

  • Video data is recorded by the vehicle hardware and when an event is triggered, a video clip, along with all its metadata, is uploaded to a video storage facility. Alerts are created from within the LamTrack platform based on associated video events. Alerts can be acknowledged, comments can be added, and most importantly, video clips can be viewed at the click of a button. The LamTrack platform fetches the video from the video storage facility and instantly plays it back.